What To Wear At Home To Maximize Your Comfort And Style

Is your home your fortress? Besides enjoying its beauty and serenity, do you love curling up with a good book, or catching up on your favorite shows with a delicious glass of red wine? You’re certainly not alone. Why not do so in style?

We want you to know that you can even make getting your beauty rest a more glamorous and comfortable occasion.

When a stay-cation is in order, you need some amazing clothes to enjoy your most intimate times.

Here are some wearing and pairing suggestions of silk sleepwear to help you choose what to wear at home so that you can maximize your comfort and style as you lounge, relax, and recoup.

At Felice Donna, we believe that high-quality materials are everything. Redefining what it means to get some rest and relaxation, we have a sharp eye for luxury and apply a classic design element so that women of any age or size can have access to nothing but the best sleep and loungewear.

Consider the following-how often do you slip on a pair of leggings, sweat pants, or even work out gear to kick your feet up and relax in? While they may be soft and stretchy, how often do you feel sexy in them?

Don’t Settle For Subpar Home Clothes.

The right materials can make a world of difference in not just how you look, but how you feel. You can be stylish and comfortable without wearing yoga pants! 

How many evenings have you drifted off to sleep in your flannel pajamas or old t-shirts and have woken up in a cold sweat? No, you weren’t having a nightmare-you were becoming a victim of overheating. A frequent problem in low-quality materials, you can sleep the night feeling fresh as a daisy by morning time when you purchase some women silk pajamas. 

How many evenings have you drifted off to sleep in your flannel pajamas or old t-shirts and have woken up in a cold sweat?

Silk, a thermoregulator, has the ability to adjust to your body temperature. It will keep you warm and cozy when you’re chilly and will cool you down when you’re feeling toasty.

Consider slipping into something silky soon, so you look and feel sexier and get the sleep you deserve. Whether you have a spouse to come home to or you want to dress to impress for yourself, there is a wide range of sensual, silky solutions for your at-home ensembles. 

How can I look stylish at home?

When shopping for a new stay-cation wardrobe, consider creating two main collections with Felice Donna pieces-an after midnight collection, when sex appeal runs wild and sparks can fly in an instant; and also an early morning collection, when you greet the day with elegance, grace, and style.

Which items should you include in your collections and how can you wear them and pair them?

For an after midnight, ready for bed ensemble, pick up a silk slip dress lined with lace and a silk lace lined robe. Sure to show off your body and put you in the mood, you can wear each item solo, or as a cohesive collection. 

For an early morning collection, a pair of silk short pajamas is a must. In addition, smooth silk, solid robe, and slip dress are also perfect for waking up in style and in comfort. 

Because Felice Donna’s superb silk and lace items work as a cohesive collection, you can wear and pair them in a number of ways based on your mood and desire! 

Here are some styling suggestions based on your day and activity level:

  • Robe and camisole pajamas-perfect to curl up on the couch in front of the fireplace and spend some major “me” time with a book, chatting on the phone, or enjoying a good movie.
  • Robe and slip dress-a wonderful way to wake up in style and sip on a savory cup of coffee.
  • Camisole pajamas and lace lined robe-a naughty yet nice look, it’s an ideal way to get in the mood after a long day at work.
  • Classic slip dress -ideal to slide on after a satisfying and soothing bubble bath.
  • Lace slip dress-a must wear, post-date night outfit as you enjoy a nightcap (solo or with company!).
  • Silk slip dress-an empowering, middle of the day weekend outfit that encourages self-care and self-love! 

It’s also fun to add little accessories to these key pieces, like plush slippers, a silky head wrap to keep the hair out of your face, and even lace underwear.

Because the high-end collections are meant to be worn together and have a tonal connection, you can mix and match colors based on your mood or the message you want to send! You may also wish to adhere to a strict routine and wear light colors only during daytime, and save the darker colors for after evening hours.

The next time you go to put on some loungewear that you’ve owned for years, think twice.

The beauty of having some key investment pieces is that you can truly wear them in multiple ways for multiple occasions, and to complement any kind of ambiance. 

Tell yourself you deserve nothing less than the best and that it’s ok to always look and feel sexy, even if you’re staying in. 

Felice Donna believes that you should feel just as beautiful inside your home as you do on the outside.

With a few key investment pieces, you’ll be on your way to truly get your beauty rest and will build up a beautiful at-home wardrobe, and establish a healthier self-care routine by incorporating silk sleepwear and lace day and evening wear into your world!