8 For a Date. 8 Things You Absolutely Need for a Romantic Night At Home

Who said you have to spend loads of money in order to enjoy a special night with your sweetheart? While fancy restaurants are nice, sometimes we forget the entire point of a date night-to enjoy quality time with the one you love.

There are many romantic things you can do at home. Set up a romantic environment at your home base with a little creativity and some key items. Read on so you can make some magic happen, all from the comfort of your home.

Here are some stay at home date night ideas. 

1. Set Up Candles

Candlelight sets the tone for a fabulous evening in, home date. Its ambiance oozes a simple elegance and battery-operated candles can be used again and again. Consider lining them up your stairwell, spreading them out across your dining room table, or scattering them across the floor if you’ve opted to do a fancy picnic-style dinner or wine tasting session.

You can also opt to choose a scented candle in order to establish a tone and set an appropriate mood. Scents like vanilla, jasmine, cinnamon, and tobacco musk can really liven up a room. 

Regardless of the kind of candle that you choose, make sure you use a lot of them to solely rely on candlelight for your dinner or festivities. 

2. Break Out the China

You certainly can’t enjoy a date night in eating off paper plates. Your china doesn’t have to stay in storage until your next special occasion or holiday gathering. Your gold-rimmed plates, crisp white salad bowls, and gorgeous patterns should be seen and used! 

3. Toast in Style

Wine just tastes better when it’s served in crystal! Be sure to set the tone for your evening by serving wine in its correct glass. Red wine tastes best in a balloon style glass, while white wine tastes wonderful in a glass that has a u-shaped bowl, often known as a traditional wine glass. 

4. Serve a Sexy Meal

Dining at home is much different than dining at a restaurant but in a good way. You have total control over what you serve, how it’s cooked, and the portion size you plate.

While comfort food is yummy, it’s not exactly sexy. Serve something light and satisfying so you feel energized and not weighed down after you eat.

Light foods like fish, oysters, sushi, shrimp, and salad are all great choices. Try to avoid ultra messy foods like spaghetti, burgers, and tacos will be more of a burden and may leave you feeling overly full and entirely too tired!

5. Diffuse Some Fragrances

Essential oils help to put you in the mood and inspire an appropriate vibe. If you’re planning a low key, relaxing night, then diffuse lavender for its calming qualities.

If you’re peppy and are planning a competitive night of trivia games, a round of board games, or a racy game of truth or dare, then peppermint is your scent. Bergamont is wonderful to create a romantic ambiance, as is sandalwood, rose, or a combination of a few!

6. Put Together a Playlist

The right kind of music can also complement your vibe at home. A soft, filler; classical music makes for a wonderful background sound; while a list of both of your favorites can lighten up the mood and also serve as conversation starters.

7. Get Dressed Up

You certainly can’t have a date night in wearing whatever. Consider spicing things up a bit and wearing a silky camisole style silk slip dress and a matching silk robe. Sure to say everything without you having to utter a word, your dinner will head toward dessert-and fast! 

Not wanting to dine in your intimates? You can certainly dress to impress in something fabulous, form-fitting, and that makes you feel good. Women’s loungewear doesn’t have to consist of an old fitted tee and a pair of stretchy pants. Your at-home outfit should be stylish, high quality, comfortable, and full of sex appeal!

8. Bring Your Best Mood 

The great thing about having a date night in is that there is zero pressure! You don’t have to rush around to get ready, get home, and you certainly don’t have to share your space or time with strangers. Because your home is your sanctuary, you can feel totally relaxed.

Smile, laugh, and relax! Enjoy every second of your date and boost your mood by telling yourself that you have so much to be thankful for!

A date night-in is within your reach. Make it a reality on a regular basis by incorporating these 8 elements and at home date night ideas into your evening.

You will not only look great, but you’ll feel great while you enjoy the company you keep and some high-quality time with the one that you love in a comfortable, familiar, and soothing environment!