How to Pack the Perfect Lounge Clothing Set for your Next Vacation

A silk lounge set is the perfect choice for any type of vacation.

Imagine that you’re sitting on a balcony perched above a beautiful view with a freshly brewed cup of coffee in your hands. You feel completely at peace as you admire the view from your hotel room. As you sip your coffee, you begin to daydream about what you’ll do the rest of the day. 

Most of us haven’t been able to experience the relaxation of vacation in over a year. Although we’ve spent the last year creating beauty and comfort in our homes, there is nothing like the freedom of staying somewhere as a guest, where you don’t need to do the dishes, make your bed, or even brew your coffee. With the world beginning to open up for travel this summer, you deserve a vacation. Whether you’re making summer plans to travel locally or internationally, loungewear should be at the top of your packing list. We’ve made a list of the best women’s silk pajamas for any type of vacation so that you can lounge in style on your well-earned getaway.

 Loungewear for Cabin Escapes

Set your email response to out-of-office, turn off your phone, and head into the wild unknown. If a peaceful cabin escape where you can hike all day and enjoy the clean air of the woods at night is your ideal vacation, you’ll need to bring something cozy for the evening. After a day of hiking over 25,000 steps, there is nothing more rewarding than a warm bath to soothe your muscles. Post-bath, you’ll want to curl up in your favorite silk lounge set to enjoy wine and admire the stars. High-waisted silk pants will keep you warm in the cool evening (while protecting your legs from mosquitoes!), and a silk kimono jacket will allow you to create a relaxed fit that’s perfect for the mood. In the mountains, the morning air is cool and your silk lounge set will keep your body heat close to you as you admire the view from your porch.

Silk sets for Beach Retreats 

Whether you’re in Malibu, Miami, or Cannes, you love to relax by the ocean — and the pool at your Airbnb is nice too! Laying out all day and enjoying freshly caught seafood in the evenings with a cocktail is your ideal way to kick back. If you’re somewhere in the Mediterranean, the days will be hot, but the evenings will cool off, so you’ll want to pack pajamas that are comfortable and versatile. Silk is an excellent material for warm climates because it is lightweight and loose on your skin, which will keep you cool. For an effortless and playful look, pack a red silk pajama set. If you’re going for more of a romantic and elegant vibe, a pink silk slip dress is always beautiful. You may get chilly while watching the waves roll in under the stars or sipping coffee at sunrise, so don’t forget your sexy silk robe to wrap up in!

 Pajama sets for City Excursions

You live a fast-paced lifestyle and you like your vacations to be the same — why relax when there’s so much of the world to see? Luckily, fully vaccinated Americans will be able to visit Europe this summer, so you’ll be able to check some more cities off your bucket list. When you’re planning a city vacation, you’ll need pajamas that are as versatile as you. A silk lounge set with cropped, high-waisted silk pants and a silk button-down shirt will be perfect to throw on after a long day of sightseeing. If you prefer less coverage, a classic black silk slip is chic for watching the sun come up on your balcony. 

Lounge Sets for Laid Back Staycations

For some of us, travel still feels daunting. Life, as we know it, has changed and it’ll take some time before we go back to our old selves. If you aren’t ready to travel yet, taking a staycation in your city is a great way to relax. Book a hotel and go off the grid for a few days. Getting away from your home and your daily routine will help you tap into the vacation feeling. Bring your most beautiful silk loungewear with you and let someone else do the cooking and cleaning. 

Vacations are a way for you to relax and get back to the most fun and adventurous version of yourself. Whether that means hiking, tanning, shopping and sightseeing, or just chilling, make time to tap into activities that make you feel 100% you. While you plan your summer vacation, picture yourself sipping coffee and admiring the view. What pajamas do you want to be wearing?