Our mantra

"A relaxed woman is a happy woman."

About Us

Our founders’ story

What happens when two women, passionate about fashion and self-care, unite? Felice Donna. Known in Italian as, ‘happy woman’, our brand is on a mission to transform the way women practice self-care at home with their sleepwear.

Maria, and Veronika began as close friends and both understood the everyday challenges of being busy, professional women. Maria was juggling a demanding corporate job alongside her free time as a new mother to her baby boy. Veronika spent years in the fast-paced fashion industry and also worked in the corporate world. She knew she wanted to start a feminine creative business where she could use her passions while working on her personal growth.

With both feeling the burnout of not taking care of themselves and, a desire for more fulfillment in their careers, they came together to create a silk brand that encourages women to become the happiest and healthiest version of themselves.

Felice Donna isn’t just another sleepwear brand, it’s a reminder to take time for yourself, because your happiness is the most important thing of all.

Founded on the concept that a woman’s clothes represent more than just an accessory, the Felice Donna collection is designed to be an extension of the woman wearing it: an ode to a woman’s grace and tenacity.

Co-founders of Felice Donna Maria and VeronikaCo-founders of Felice Donna Maria and Veronika


Every woman has their own unique fire. Feel your sexiest, confident, most vulnerable self with silk products that feel good on the skin and elevate your mood.



Our silk is imported from Italy and spun by the best designers and artisans in Europe. We review all pieces by hand to ensure they are met by our specific guidelines. When you touch our silk pieces, you’ll feel an immediate difference.



We believe a happy woman is one who is at peace with herself mentally, emotionally and physically. Nothing can express the luxurious types of products you place on your body, they have the power to do wonders for your well-being and mental health.

Created with...

Felice Donna products made out the finest Italian silk

Italian silk

Each piece is made from hand-picked Italian silk that is lightweight, delicate, and feels luxurious on the skin. With a little bit of natural stretch, our silk loosely hugs your curves and moves with you.

Fine work

Each piece is hand-sewn by our incredible seamstresses. From picking the highest quality silk, to sewing and packaging your piece, every step of our production process is personalized to ensure finished pieces that are as comfortable as they are beautiful.

Magical patterns

Our team thoughtfully designs each pattern to create pieces that are beautiful, feminine, and fit perfectly so that they move with you. Each design is hand-crafted and tested for styles that prioritize at-home comfort and relaxation.